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Welcome to the Storm Squad
justfever wrote in stormsquad
stormsquad is a community dedicated to provide helps for any Arashians. Without trying to replace or compete with Masterpost of Request at arashi_on community, this community is created for Arashians to :

1. Ask for information related to Arashi.
2. Ask for links to find any Arashi-related media.
3. Ask anything related to Arashi fandom stuffs.

I will try to list any answered questions and unanswered questions in particular index posts that will be posted periodically and/or via special masterpost (I'll be thinking this later), so anyone can search through answered questions first before asking particular question.

Here I will also list any helpful information related to Arashi fandom which I hope will be helpful for any newbie Arashians out there (as I also was one of them not so long ago :) ).

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu and let us spread the love!


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