Arashi Fandom for Newbie
I may be not the only Arashian who have started from International fandom right away. Yes, it's true, rather than pimped by a close friend or anyone I met in real life, I was baited by finding Arashi through the web. So, for any newbie in Arashi fandom, you may have a bunch of questions on how the Arashian's living or what will you get from fandom. Well, yes. These posts may helped you a little.

Need to pimp your friend to Arashi? There are some useful pimp posts out there.
1. The Bigass Arashi Pimp Post by tettsu at pimposts.
2. Arashi pimp post! by theproudpenguin.
3. Arashi Pimp Post by jadeswallow.
4. Arashi Pimp Post by honooko.
5. Arashi Pimp Post by panpipe.
6. Arashi Pimp Post by elfiepike.
7. Arashi Pimp Post by nekonezumi.
8. Arashi as a part of JE Pimp Post by musikologie.
9. Arashi as a part of JE's Golden Age Era by gsama.
10. Arashi Pimp post by aibajunior (thanks to jadeswallow for the suggestion :) )

It's also better to check these posts first :
1. Arashi Fandom Guide on Livejournal by nicefinalbeam.--> This is a good post for starter on Livejournal. You'll find the basic rules in fandom to make sure you take the right step ahead.
2. Helpful links & Resources by acidae at arashi_on.--> A great guide to find the right place for the right things you looking for. Useful to know any other communities active in fandom.

Suggestions  : Well, it's better for anyone new in Arashi Fandom on Livejournal to join general communities like arashi_on or a_ra_shi, to get latest news/update from other communities or personal journals related to Arashi. Don't worry, the memberships for the two communities are open (and we hope will always be).

Have a nice fandom life! <3

P.S. This post will be updated when I find any new helpful links. Anyone who want to submit/suggest any useful guide for Arashi fandom can leave a comment here. Your help will be very appreciated, thank you. ^^

Updated - February 08, 2012 : added some pimp post links.
Updated - April 18, 2012 : added a pimp post link.

Welcome to the Storm Squad
stormsquad is a community dedicated to provide helps for any Arashians. Without trying to replace or compete with Masterpost of Request at arashi_on community, this community is created for Arashians to :

1. Ask for information related to Arashi.
2. Ask for links to find any Arashi-related media.
3. Ask anything related to Arashi fandom stuffs.

I will try to list any answered questions and unanswered questions in particular index posts that will be posted periodically and/or via special masterpost (I'll be thinking this later), so anyone can search through answered questions first before asking particular question.

Here I will also list any helpful information related to Arashi fandom which I hope will be helpful for any newbie Arashians out there (as I also was one of them not so long ago :) ).

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu and let us spread the love!


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